About us

Blind Guys Boards LLC is a board sports company established in March 2017 in Tucson, AZ by three motivated and like-minded individuals. The company specializes in high quality board products and unique designs, while encouraging a bold and outspoken lifestyle. Our focus is on a wide age range with the belief that boarding sports are fit for people from all walks of life.

Our Vibe

Before we became a board sports company we were an idea that originated several years ago over some sketching and skating with good friends. This idea that people are sometimes blind to enjoying life’s little surprises. We get so caught up in tomorrow’s agenda that life turns into a lost memory shoved into a photo album somewhere.

What we are made of is built off of this idea; that we get used to our normal day to day life and forget about the real world out there. We become blind to new ideas and trying new things. Sometimes we even risk watching our lives pass us by.

Board sports is our answer to this life dilemma. There is no (good) reason why life should be lived on auto-pilot. We hope that with every one of our boards comes a new opportunity for adventure. Grab your boards, some buddies and find a kickass spot. Break away from the day to day and board on.


To change the way society looks at boarders



To inspire adventure on your board of choice